Carly Ebenstein - CTI Certified Coach
My Credentials

I am a Certified Coach with The Coaches Training Institute, having proudly earned the CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) designationI’ve been coaching since 2014.

Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

During CTI’s Certification program I provided over 100 hours of coaching while also receiving in-depth professional feedback on my coaching. This intensive program included supervised weekly group calls to practice principles and techniques, individual supervision sessions to review my coaching, and a comprehensive written and oral exam. 

I also completed an additional and specialized ten-month Experiential Leadership Program to deepen my understanding of self, how I show up in the world, and my relationship with others. I now mentor others who are going through CTI’s Leadership Program.

Overall, I have completed training on the 5 core courses, 104 hours of training in the 10-month leadership program, and 200+ hours of training for the 6-month certification program.  This is in addition to coaching my regular clients.

Now, I continue my own journey of personal development and coaching development by working with my own coach.  I also regularly take extended ICF Accredited classes from organizations like Coaches Rising and The Wisdom Tree Academy. Additionally, I serve as a mentor for participants in CTI’s leadership program and assist at CTI classes and events..

My Journey to Coaching

When I first graduated from college, I joined the corporate world in both Tokyo and San Francisco. Soon, my entrepreneurial spirit guided me to start my own business at the age of 30. I still own that same insurance agency that I started over 20 years ago.

My work went well beyond just insurance, my clients trusted me with their tough and sometimes delicate situations. I worked hard because I cared about doing right by them. I am most driven to being of genuine service and helping people find what they need to achieve their goals.

As an advisor and advocate for my clients, their concerns served as the wellspring of my passion for coaching.  The close and rewarding one-on-one relationships we formed over decades, shone a light on my path toward coaching.

Click here to learn more about my coaching style and the life experiences that I draw from in my work. 


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