The other day, I was listening to a talk by Ajahn Achalo (a favorite of mine on InsightTimer) about how bad things get so much press coverage. We rarely celebrate the good stories -especially the every day ones that happen all the time. All the people out there who are taking care of their babies. They feed them, change their “nappies”, and comfort them when they cry.

It’s easy to overlook the mundaneness of changing diapers. Yet, the regular people around us are making real contributions to create a better world, every day.

They – and you – are reminders to celebrate life. To sing the praises of simple moments and the struggles we overcome every day.  

The Buddha said “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.”

My chosen sister, Amy, introduced me to the idea of celebrating your entire birthday month! It was a bit strange at first, but now I find things to celebrate every single day of October.

Don’t wait until your birthday month to celebrate! Here are some ways to celebrate life’s little moments. 

  • Start small – say hi or smile at a passing stranger!
  • If you have a tough day at work, celebrate getting home at the end of the day just as much as your dog does!
  • Bright sunny day? Get outside for a lunchtime lap around the block.
  • You’re alive! Open that bottle of champagne you’ve been saving – cheers!
  • After a bountiful trip to the farmer’s market, have your salad on your nicest plates.

Of course, life isn’t always easy. You can learn how to celebrate life’s tough moments and turn challenges into growth. What are they teaching you? What opportunity are they providing you? This sort of resilience will grow stronger with practice.

I used to join my friend during her chemotherapy treatments, which you might think would be sad. Yet she would get dressed up for it like it was a party! For her, she chose to see chemo as the magic elixir, here to kill all the cancer cells. Now that is definitely worth celebrating! 

Tell me, what little (and big) moments do you celebrate every day? Bring celebration into your everyday life and share what you notice. 

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