My Coaching Practice

My practice is rooted in being “co-active” and collaborative where I partner with clients.  I  serve as a catalyst where clients gain tools and insights meant to serve them well beyond the time that we work together. We are all so much more resourceful then we can recognize on our own.  My clients appreciate the  powerful synergy that evolves and grows as we work together.  You, the client, hold the keys to change. In fact, the time in-between our sessions is where the magic really happens!

These beliefs drive my work:

1. All my clients are creative, resourceful, and whole.

  • I am a catalyst, my goal is to help spur your growth. I work in genuine partnership with you – I am at your side and rooting for your success. We work together to find the answers that are within you. I help my clients feel safe so that they can be vulnerable.Everything in our sessions is 100% confidential. My style is intensely personal and I’m an excellent listener. 

2. Rewriting our life stories is always available to us, even when we think we have no options.

  • Though I do genuinely feel love for my clients, I’m not just a cheerleader. I will be honest and straightforward. I will deliver hard truths. I offer the tough love that will help you realize your potential and achieve your growth goals.  

3. Our thoughts manifest our reality.

  • I will ask powerful questions that help identify your values, point out and question limiting beliefs. I will listen to what’s being said (and not said) and help identify your “negative loop”. I will make observations, provide insight, and offer and coax out new perspectives. I will champion you and what’s important to you.

4. The word,”should” invites investigation whether you are doing something out of choice or a perceived obligation.

  • Coaching is action-oriented. It asks a lot of “what” questions, as opposed to why questions. “Why” questions let you dwell in the muck of something that happened in the past. We’ll only explore your past if it is in service to what is happening right now, in the present.

5. Accountability is an absolute must for growth and integral to our work together.

  • Change takes desire, time, and commitment. Accountability will keep you on track.  Being held accountable is all in service of deepening your learning and reaching your desired goals.  

6. The most difficult experiences can also provide us with the richest and deepest lessons.

  • I approach our time together from a place of deep empathy rooted in my own broad scope of life experiences. Everything that has happened to me has been a gift, though I may not have recognized it at the time. There really are no mistakes in life; rather, a collection of life experiences. We are a sum of our experiences, and we can make choices every day that contribute to the richness of our lives.
    • I am an entrepreneur.
    • I have experienced burnout.
    • I am the child of an immigrant.
    • I am a minority.
    • I have gone through divorce.
    • I re-entered the dating world in my late 40’s.
    • I have lived with an addict.
    • I have lived abroad – Tokyo, Buenos Aires and Bogota.
    • I have experienced family discord.
    • I help with caring for my mother, who has dementia.
    • I have grieved, deeply.
      Myers-Briggs:  INFJ
      Gallup Top 5 Strengths:  Intellection, Relator, Ideation, Empathy, Input
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