If you’ve never created a personal intention statement or done any values work, you are not alone.  Most people are not consciously aware of their values, even though they govern their lives. For example, when something happens that feels really good, that’s an indicator that a value is being expressed or honored. Conversely, when we feel bothered, frustrated or annoyed, that generally points to a value that is being stepped on in some way.   

At the end of working through this exercise, you will have proactively created a Personal Intention Statement that is uniquely yours.



“Happiness depends on your mindset and attitude.”
Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Below are several different life areas. A mission statement need only be a single paragraph. Below are some guidelines.

  1.    Let go of perfection. Part of the beauty of this part of the assignment is that you can go back to tweak, re-write, re-work.
  2.     It’s best if this statement does not include specific goals. This is a broader statement that relates to the value(s) you want more of in your life.
  3.   Consider sharing your statement with people (even just one person) you trust. It can be helpful to hear yourself read it out loud to another person and have them ask for clarification, etc.


Choose from one of the Life Areas for your Personal Intention Statement.

___  Physical Health


___ Emotional Health


___  Parenting


___  Relationships


___ Friendship


___ Financial


___ Daily Joy


___ Career


___ Spirituality


___ Other


Use the values list below to identify the values that matter to you. Check those value words that matter most to you and feel like you want to include in your statement. Feel free to add any words you don’t see.


Trust                            Empathy                        Altruism                        Spirituality

Patience                     Relational                      Sensitivity                     Encouragement

Respect                       Humility                       Faith                                Understanding

Generosity                  Friendliness                Expressiveness             Optimism

Hospitality                   Loyalty                        Openness                       Positivity                     

Graciousness              Appreciation             Persistence                   Kindness

Transparency              Gratitude                   Resilience                      Respect

Attentiveness              Patience                   Judiciousness                Personal

Support                        Kindness                   Compassion                   Independence

Acceptance                 Harmony                  Honesty                           Balance

Self-Acceptance          Reliability                Humor                             Detachment

Curiosity                      Hopefulness            Cooperation                    Receptivity                  

Thoughtfulness           Service                    Joy                                     Leadership

Tenderness                 Nurturing                Love                                   Presence


If you have additional words or phrases to add, write them here.




Using the value words you choose, write a first draft below:

My Personal Intention Statement for (Family, Career, Relationships, ________ is below).


Example for Relationships:  My intention in practicing detachment is to strengthen my connection with family and friends in an effort to shorten the distance with those who have a difference of opinion or trigger me in some way.  I commit to practicing being patient, transparent, and curious.


How does it feel to have a personal intention statement? 




What is one way your commitment to this statement could create a positive difference for you and others?




What specific small and simple actions would support your intention?  




Consider carrying your statement with you by writing on a card  that you carry with you daily (phone is ok, but you have to remember to look at it). Read it every day.




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