Do you think you need to accept massive trade-offs to grow or start your business?

As an entrepreneur myself, I’ve been there.  When I started my insurance business over 20 years ago, I got used to making bargains and rationalizations for not taking care of myself and flaking out on the people closest to me – including myself! I really felt that working my ass off was a badge of honor.  I spent many years bringing stress home, which translated into strains in my marriage, various weight differentials and and many short tempered exchanges.  Finally, I came to truly understand that my business thrived when I paid more attention to my health and nurtured my relationships.

If any of these questions apply to you, I’d love to connect and help you with your concerns.

  • Are you afraid of your business failing?
  • Are you isolated?
  • Do your friends and family not understand your lifestyle because they aren’t self employed?
  • Do you feel stuck – personally or professionally?
  • Are you struggling with low self-esteem?
  • Have you become negligent with your health because you think you don’t have time?
  • Do you tell yourself that it’s okay to be late/miss family events and you’ll make it up to them?
  • Do you think about work all the time?
  • Are you wondering when you’ll really get to live the life YOU want?
  • Do you feel you can’t pursue personal interests because of all your demands?
  • Do you find it hard to be a great parent while juggling all your responsibilities?

If any of these questions speak to you, let’s talk.

I’m a life long self-starter who really understands the demands and difficulties of having your own business. I love working with other entrepreneurs and have found it to be extremely rewarding as clients see their personal world open up and deepen as their business grows. Think of me as your personal collaborator where we work “co-actively” on you. I listen and support you in creating a vision of the life you truly want to live; I will challenge you when I feel you’re making excuses and playing small. I will also hold you accountable in service of you attaining your self defined goals.