Here are answers to some common questions that my clients have asked before starting coaching.
If you’d like to discuss further and see if we’re a fit please contact me to schedule a complimentary session.

Who do you work with?

I work with super smart and driven people who are currently experiencing transition or seeking out a transition. My clients are committed to making changes and deeply engaged in the process of their growth.

I work with both professional and/or personal transitions. Life transitions are grey areas of our lives, in the uncertainty we can often make decisions based on fear or what we think we “should” be doing, instead of what we truly want to do.

I have deep empathy for those in transition, rooted in my own broad scope of life experiences.

It is natural for doubts, fears and lack of clarity to overwhelm.

Here are just some of the types of transitions I’ve supported:

  • Starting and growing a business
  • Starting a new position
  • Re-entering the working world
  • Changing professions
  • Becoming a parent for the first time
  • Living abroad and reverse culture shock when coming “home”
  • Divorce – shifting from a married person, to a single person who feels scared/unsure, to a single person who feels empowered and confident
  • Loss and grief
  • Living with an addict and/or narcissist
  • Wanting to either get in shape or gain acceptance
  • Overwhelm, while managing lots of new things at once
  • And more – we each experience transition in many areas of our lives

Why might I need coaching?

You might have told your best friend that you’ve been feeling stuck. Perhaps you feel like something is off and know that you could be doing better. You’ve even tried to work on it yourself, but you aren’t seeing progress.

When first considering coaching, my typical clients might say:

“I’m dissatisfied… overwhelmed… lost… stuck… scared”
“I know something is off with my life. I know things could be better.”
“I don’t know why I’m struggling with this.”
“I never saw or imagined myself feeling this way.”
“I don’t know why I can’t seem to figure this out on my own.”

If you are ready to grow and thrive during your transition, it would be my privilege to work with you. You can contact me to schedule a complimentary session

What do you mean by accountability?

Accountability is essential to our work together. My clients nearly always leave each session with an “assignment.” Each assignment contributes to the process of learning new behaviors. Being accountable is all in service of forwarding your life goals and deepening your learning.

Are you going to solve all my problems? 

No, I am a catalyst to spur your growth. The strong partnership created between coach and coachee is fundamental to my approach to coaching. I hold no power on my own.  You, the coachee, grant power to the partnership that evolves between us. The time and assignments in between our sessions is where the real magic is going to happen!

How would we meet? When would we meet?

I meet with most individual clients twice a month, by phone or Zoom video conferencing, for 1 hour. However, I am happy to work with clients weekly, monthly or for as-needed, project-specific coaching sessions.

Do you work with groups? 

I am also available to customize workshops for group sessions on a range of topics, including addressing that negative loop all have, self-development, achieving life balance, leadership, goal-setting, etc.

What is coaching? What isn’t coaching?

These two videos are excellent resources that describe the role of a coach in helping people make important changes in their lives.

“The one thing people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them. A coach really, really helps”

“CoActive Coaching is about opening more of those bumps, leaps, a-ha moments in people’s lives.”

Coaching is not:

  • therapy.
  • counseling.
  • giving advice.
  • being a buddy.
  • fixing people; I believe all my clients are creative, resourceful and whole.