Life can be demanding and its easy to feel like we are too busy to do ‘self-care’. We don’t have time for that, but we still want to be calm and balanced. Who’s got time to meditate for an hour? Or hour-long massages and mani-pedis?

Self-care is a lot easier than you think!

A quick dose of self-care can help you get a fresh start to your day, or reboot your day during that 2-3pm afternoon slump.

When you’re feeling good about yourself, you feel grounded and more productive. Self-care helps every challenge get a little easier. You can even influence the people around you to also feel calm.

Here are some examples from my clients:

  • An illustrator found that sketching free-form for 5 minutes gives her a positive boost for the day.  
  • A busy mom finds precious time for herself by listening to calming flute music in the bathroom as she gets ready each morning. 
  • An active professional goes for a mid-day walk around the block and uses the time to practice counting in a foreign language that they’re learning.

Not what you pictured as self-care, right? But it is!

Each person has identified their unique tool for joy. They found ways to integrate a quick version of these practices into their daily routines, a self-care reboot for their day. A moment to focus fully on the sensations that bring them calm.

Recently, a client of mine was feeling triggered by a disagreement with a co-worker. She stepped away for 5 minutes, went to her car and listened to a 5-minute guided visualization. She returned feeling re-set and ready to calmly talk with her coworker.

So how do you bring little doses of self-care into your life? 

You can have an easy, refreshing self-care habit! Here are questions to ask yourself to discover quick self-care that works for you:

  • What is something that brings you a feeling of calm or a sense of well-being? It could be as simple as applying lotion to your hands, deep breathing, or listening to music. It could be exercise, or knitting, or cooking.
  • Where do you have a few minutes in your day to unplug? It could be sitting in traffic, waiting at the doctor’s office, in line at the grocery store, even whenever you go to the restroom!
  • How can you use those times to focus on your source of calm for just one dedicated minute?  Could you get absorbed in your favorite song in between meetings? Could you revel in how good a stretch break feels? Or even a moment to fully appreciate how yummy that leftover Chinese take-out tastes?
Share your source of calm in the comments below!
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