Tame Your Inner Critic in 10 Days


Address those nagging doubts that seem to follow you everywhere!

Starting an exercise program? Getting back out on the dating scene? On the hunt for your next job? Feeling stuck? Unfulfilled in some way?

Taming Your Inner Critic will give you an understanding of the negative loop of thoughts that we all carry. These harsh thoughts can slow you down – and sometimes even stop you – before you’ve hit your stride or even started.

With this program, you can bring these voices back under your control. Learn new tools, get real practice with exercises, and move forward with confidence!

This program will give you life long tools to thrive in any endeavor in your life! Each day you will receive an email that provides information, a recording, a guided meditation and/or a short exercise. You can do this program at your own pace, and refer back to it whenever you need!

Days 1 – 4      Address Your Inner Critic
Days 5 – 8     Meet and get acquainted with Your Wise Self
Days 9 & 10  Take ownership and exercise Your Choices

This program is designed to fit into busy schedules and can be done at your own pace.

“This program really helped me break some long held beliefs.
Thank you!”  A.G.

“Fantastic program, I feel empowered.” N.L.  

“Wow, I really made some valuable realizations about things that have held me back for most of my adult life.”  D. B.

This program includes text and email support.
contact me for details.

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