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Identifying your looping negative thoughts can help you regain control.

“I’ve never been good with numbers.”

“Ugh, I should know this by now.”

“I’m not experienced enough to lead this.”

What negative thoughts have you feeling stuck? Why are you feeling held back? If you’re so frustrated that your quality of life is affected, consider how your looping negative thoughts might be getting in the way.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone! We’ve all got a few negative loops. They especially like to show up in our most challenging moments. It’s such a natural part of our thinking that we barely notice it, and we definitely don’t question it. 

How Did These Thoughts Get In My Head?

These thoughts started very early in our lives. At that time, we were still figuring out the basics of right and wrong. So each time we were rewarded, or scolded, or worse, these thoughts were being programmed into our brains. As a result, these moments told us how to interpret our value and worth. 

Identify the Thought, Then Manage It

Do you know your negative thought patterns? Seeing your thoughts clearly can help you to manage them.  This short quiz can help you become aware of your looping thoughts.

1. Do you stop yourself from trying new things because you’re afraid you’ll look stupid?

2. Do you think it’s a waste of time to think about your dreams/desires?

3. Do you use the word “should” a lot?

4. When you receive a compliment, do you usually find a way to dismiss it?

5. Do you feel there’s honor in being modest?

6. Do you feel it’s distasteful or uncomfortable to publicly acknowledge your strengths?

7. Do you feel uncomfortable when someone compliments you?

8. Do you second guess yourself on a regular basis?

9. Do you frequently ruminate about things you’ve said and done that may have upset others?

10. Are you hardly ever satisfied with the results of your efforts and feel that something could have been done better?

Which questions resonated the most with you? How does this negative thought loop help or hurt you? Could you change that thought process? 


If you’d like to discuss your answers further, I can help you identify these personal gremlins and connect you with your wiser self. Contact me for a complimentary strategy session.

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