I founded and was CEO of a home medical device company, which I sold after almost 20 years. This allowed me to retire from working. After the euphoria of selling the company wore off, I dove into pursuing various interests and volunteer activities. However, three years later I felt stuck, lost, like I wasn’t in the game, despite being busy.

Carly helped me gain clarity about what is important for me and to get un-stuck. She helped me get back on track and I am very grateful. She is very perceptive and asks great questions and came up with helpful inquiries. Through her coaching I would gain valuable insights; in each session Carly would challenge me to put them into action between sessions. Although Carly is much younger than I am, I felt completely comfortable, as she is wise beyond her years and very grounded. I appreciated her deep listening and undivided attention. I highly recommend Carly Barker as a coach.