I had just started a new job at a company I really loved, with a role I really liked and was getting paid more than I had ever been paid before.  Great, right?  However – I could feel myself living in fear nearly every day, and I hated that feeling.  I was so worried about losing what I considered to be one of the most amazing opportunities I’d been able to land that I couldn’t stay present to appreciate my job, and I didn’t have the mental bandwidth to think as creatively and thoughtfully as I wanted at work.  I knew I needed a good life coach, and one of my good friends recommended Carly, and I’m very grateful I was able to work with her!  She is incredibly empathetic and intuitive – and that enabled her to provide me a lot of safe space to work through my feelings and thoughts, and I was able to continue to deepen some inner work that I had started previously: focusing on the present and having faith in myself and the universe that things will work out as they need to.  Carly was also fantastic at acknowledging progress I made along the way, as well as reminding me of how powerful I actually am when the voices in my head were making me feel small.  With Carly, I was also able to continue some other inner work I knew was important for me: really acknowledging my true emotions (no matter how strong, positive, or negative), and sitting with them to truly feel and process them.  Like most people, I tend to shy away from strong negative emotions, but because I kept trying to repress those, I just kept getting stuck.  She was able to create a space for me where I felt safe exploring the various emotions I had about my situation.  I came out of our coaching with more commitment to be sure I gave myself space to be more in touch with my heart (I developed and kept up a morning meditation habit), and I feel so much more grounded now.  Huge thanks to Carly for supporting me in getting to a much better place!!!