I met Carly at a point in my life where i had a lot of loose ends and didn’t even know where the threads came from. There was a lot of uncertainty, a lot of fear, a lot of noise and no compass to help me get to where i needed to be. Carly became my coach and connected me with my internal compass. She helped guide me, not by telling me what to do or where to go, but by showing me how to read the compass. She stopped me when we needed to stop and take a moment. Her framework/monthly check in emails, showed me the progress i had made. I took risks, bet on myself and made things happen. I cried. She gave me the space to do all of those things. She felt like my first officer/martial arts instructor. While some conversations were tough, i always, always, always felt better after we spoke. The more i prepared for our sessions, the more i got out of them. I appreciate the time we spent together. Carly helped me get to a place where i was able to see things clearly and re-focus my energies in things that fuel me.
Thank you so much Carly. I truly love you and admire you for doing what you do.